Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Duel

Well, it's that time yet again and I'm so happy!!! This is one my most favorite things I look forward to each month, is getting the kit in the mail and seeing what I can make of all the goodies. :)

Our lovely hostess this month is Carol (momcgw on SCS)and she sent us the most beautiful image! It's a Mo Manning image and along with the image sent oh so many lovely papers for us to choose from.

There were so many goodies in that envie that I made two cards because I just could not pass up the beautiful MS Doily Carol sent too! I just HAD to make a card using that along with the ribbon rosettes.

Check out the pics and I hope you like them too!

Here is my second card:

Friday, February 10, 2012

Rosie Valentine

As many of you know my son Malcolm is in the Navy and was stationed overseas right out of A-School. Sasebo, Japan is 7,042 miles from where I live in San Antonio, Texas. It's still hard to fathom the distance and while I get to talk to him quite often since they've been in port for awhile, I miss him something awful. We definitely had our ups and downs through the years but for the most part he was an excellent kid and I knew I was going to miss him, but honestly I didn't know it was going to be THIS much.

His leaving was super hard on my family as all 4 of my kids are VERY close, from the littlest to the biggest. He still calls me sometimes and says "Mom, I really wanna come home" and that breaks my heart because I want him to come home too! Even knowing he is doing a GREAT thing, I think we all want to keep our kiddos close. I know it's super hard for him because he's never been away from home for very long or very far.

Anyways, gettin' long winded here... Malcolm was so so so sad to leave behind his dog. She's a boxer and her name is Rosie. She's already going on 5 and will be getting up there for a Boxer by the the time he gets home. So I made him this valentine from her. :) Tomorrow I'm going to ink up her paw so she can "sign" it for him.