Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dueling Divas-November

Its that time again!!! I do love dueling it out with the Dazzlers!
This months kit was sent by Kelly (MiamiKel4), and she sent the best hodge podge hot mess of a of a kit ever!!! So many mismatched items for us to pick and choose from, it was SO hard to decide what to actually use!

So here is what I came up with. I know you said the Gingerbread Man and striped twine was your favorite Kel so I was sure to use both! I took apart the strands of the twine for the Gingerbread Man's embellies.

The last part of our challenge this month was to post a pic of ourselves wearing  "What Not To Wear."  Unfortunately, over the years I have lost a great many of my pictures and of course any I had of my younger days burned when my Mom's house caught fire a few years ago. So, I'm sad I can't play along with this part of the challenge.